Friday, March 31, 2017


The decision here is what front and rear treatment to give the Stude. The Lowey coupe was years ahead of its time but later treatments are very attractive.

Even painting the rear of the grill shells, the chrome is driver quality at best. 

As we move forward slowly, I am considering the solid color scheme of later unscrupulous modifiers.


This is one of the many options available on the 53/54 Stude. Its nice and clean reflecting current design techniques AND eliminates the $$$$ thousands in re-chroming bumpers and pot metal grills/trim pieces.

I'm into saving the $$$$  and spending it on GO FAST. Maybe we need to think about a supercharger! Instant go fast!!! I probably should have bought Milt's 500" Caddy engine. That was then, this is now!!

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  1. Hmmm...would it be black? Or the champagne color? Both are nice....or Aqua for a VW van??