Tuesday, March 10, 2015

West Coast.......

We left at 0dark thirty Sunday to pick up a rust free '53 Commander with a fresh Title and an original vin tag. My trailer is frozen in a snowbank up north so Russ offered to loan me his as long as he could go along. 660 miles in one day, very few stops since we had roasted almonds and Girl Scout peanut butter cookies with Orange Gator Aid for lunch. 

Bob and his partner were the best people to buy from. They made sure I had everything that went with the car, and threw in extra goodies that I might need. Good people and they take cash without I.D.

I had to stay in the right lane of deteriorating freeways doing 69mph in a 55mph zone while the rest of the world went by at 80mph in a 65mph limit. The trailer was throwing concrete and asphalt at chuckholes.     

We loaded that afternoon a got the hell out of Dodge. This was Bob's recommendation in order that we miss the Monday morning traffic.

After 100 miles we got a room and dinner and crashed.

Leaving again in the dark, another 150 miles and a pit stop to watch the sun come up in the San Joaquin valley where they are doing agricultural stuff!!

Heading South in the dark on I-5 doing 66mph in the forever 55mph zone, I was passed slowly by the California Highway Patrol. I almost dropped my Egg McMuffin!!

Home safe and sound by 3:30 pm. A long 2 days!!