Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Holy Moly!!!!

My buddies seemed to think the body on the Stude was pretty nice. I wanted the inner fenders cleaned better than I was able to and the rest cleaned would be nice. There appeared to be earlier repair that should be addressed.
Nice clean fenders??? Media blast.

  How about clean fenders, no nice adjective. The sin exposed cause a bit of depression and anxiety. 

Ever seen the TV shows where they skim coat the car and then 18 guys block sand it for 20 hours (360 man hours) overnight and its ready to paint the next day???

I think these fenders were prepped by the same guys in East L.A. in 1989!!!

I have been beating the dents out and welding the holes for the past 2 weeks and am getting close to an epoxy seal coat of primer.

When I need a little stress relief, I warm up the Model A and go for a ride.

When you put the pedal 
down hard, the street rod hobby is instantly all rose 
tinted!!!!!! and the fenders are only a memory!