Sunday, June 28, 2015

No Tapered Axles !!

In a previous life, I had more than enough experience with Dana tapered axles. The 19 spline Dana 44 (4.55 ratio) with tapered axles was gone before I got it up on stands. It's now resting against the back wall until I can take it over to Russ's place and throw it in the dumpster. Nobody wants it enough to come and get it.

The Ford Ranger 8.8 is a well rated axle assembly for up to 350 HP and is the same width and bolt pattern as the Stude. I was fortunate to find an 8.8 axle with 3.08 gears and only 6k miles on the clock.
A nice assembly with the brakes cannibalized during shipping but they paid for that problem.

The 3.08 gear set will be fine for the street. The car will probably weigh in at about 2900lbs and a nice small block with a turbo 350 will move it just fine.

The spring leaves were polished, rebushed and restripped with plastic.

Yep 2" lowering blocks too!

I'll fab a set of traction bars when I get it clean enough to go in my shop.


The only thing stressful about these old Jewels is that they are filthy. One has to have a vision........ and a putty knife/wire brush supply.

This is one vision::
Very nice!!

The past few weeks I have been cleaning and scrubbing the underside of the Stude. As a plus, they never missed a lube job, nothing was dry and worn out after 62 years. In the minus column, the grease and dirt was 1/4" to 1/2" thick from the front to the back of the doors. I wanted to get the car steam cleaned, but that doesn't happen around here any more.
Add to this that a thin coat of tar was sprayed on the frame only prior to assembly. This coating has blended with the oil/grease and needs to be scrubbed off after the dirt is removed. A scrub brush and gallons of mineral 
spirits with a coarse rag supply.

I am now intimately knowledgeable of the stick welds and spot welds that hold my Jewel together.

Many days and black epoxy engine paint............

Click on an image for a better view.

I also cleaned, rebushed and resealed the entire front end prior to painting.
Yep, I cut the front coils at the same time. Of the hundreds of coils I have cut in my life, this is the first time ever on the ground. What a Pain in the tail.

All back together now and getting ready to prep the engine compartment for a mock up with a small block