Monday, September 21, 2015

Commander Progress

The Stude has been progressing slowly as a result of domestic work orders and other insignificant issues.
This one is going to take a while......

I preparation for the SBC installation, I cleaned up the firewall and welded up all of the unnecessary holes (by others). After priming and sanding I think it will be acceptable.

This is basecoat/clearcoat 
GM Tahoe Gold Mist. Not much gold ??? but kinda misty just the same.

Studebaker wasn't real picky about the firewall and inner fenders, a multitude of wrinkles and 70/80 spot welds. Actually they were not picky about much of anything.

A little undercoating on the cowl sides and related trimming and we will be ready to install the SBC/trans.

The further I go, the more items need to be addressed. I needed another project tho'.....DIDN'T I ???