Thursday, May 12, 2016


It was finally time to paint the inner fenders. This gets them back on the car and out of my way. It's unbelievable how many pieces are involved in reworking a vehicle.

You beat ,sand, fill, prime, sand until it has to end.... then you paint!

This will be the color of the car (Chevrolet Gold Mist) in basecoat/clearcoat. 

The fenders are epoxy primed inside and out with SPI for the main body finish program.

When you add a 63 year old fan shroud to the project, you can believe me that a few more days work are involved.

I'm pleased with the results, the SPI clear sprays very nicely. I wish I had the ability/facilities to shoot the whole car.

Why does every owner of one of these derelicts need to drill a few new holes in the car???