Saturday, July 29, 2017

53' Signal Lights

Please understand that virtually all the chromed pot metal on this jewel is pitted and corroded beyond use as is. Someone rechromed some of the trim without polishing out the pits, so now we have holes in the chrome and the trim is up against the wall in the back yard.

Since we had the internal grill pieces (1 '54 and 1 '53) we resurfaced and repaired both pieces and painted misty gold.

 At this point the plan was to install 12V amber bulbs for the Park/Turn 2 element receptacles. Unnoticed by me, the 1158 bulb is not interchangeable with the 1157A. It is a dual filament bulb but equal power and straight across pins. 

NO PROBLEMO... the Dorman #85803 service receptacle will replace the original and allow the use  of the 1157A bulb. Dim filament for parking and bright filament for turn signals.

Its not hard to replace the receptacle, but I recommend doing this prior to your refinishing job.

I needed a sharp putty knife, hammer, and Dad's old Blue Point tapered ream thats probably as old as I am.(old as dirt). Remove the old receptacle by bending the lip with the knife. A small amount of reaming (or filing) will allow the installation of the new unit with the retainer tabs bent straight.

The new unit must be seated completely or the bulb will not be able to be installed.

Click on the picture to view the retaining tabs bent over tightly after installation. Notice how close the bulb is!!

This is a mock-up of the grill assembly refinished in paint to match the body.
Just something to eyeball while the doors are being worked over.

If anyone ever asks you how many hours are involved in one of these old dogs, respond with TOO MANY!!!