Saturday, February 20, 2016

Engine Compartment

I have been tinkering with the components of the engine compartment. I want to use the Stude shroud and throttle linkage as well as a flex fan. In Vegas, max cooling is absolutely necessary.
I do exhaust, so attempting to use manifolds in this instance is of no interest to me. The block huggers are so clean and easy to access, no decision to make.

I am using the original steering components. The center bell crank is tight under the shroud in the original position.
To lower the shroud and engine would require cutting a major portion of the shroud away.

Look at this long and hard prior to the cut. This large shroud needs all of its integrity to maintain its shape.

The short water pump is the only option when using the shroud and it appears that a 17" fan is going to be the answer to the blade.

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