Saturday, May 27, 2017

First Aspect

I'm going to eyeball this for a while. There is always the option of scuffing and repainting all misty....

The other option is to scuff 
and paint it all misty but that would destroy the chrome that is left. No going back!!

I went fishing last week, it was absolutely wonderful.
I was the only boat on the lake and the only other fishermen were four eagles who astounded me with their expertise. 

Friday, March 31, 2017


The decision here is what front and rear treatment to give the Stude. The Lowey coupe was years ahead of its time but later treatments are very attractive.

Even painting the rear of the grill shells, the chrome is driver quality at best. 

As we move forward slowly, I am considering the solid color scheme of later unscrupulous modifiers.


This is one of the many options available on the 53/54 Stude. Its nice and clean reflecting current design techniques AND eliminates the $$$$ thousands in re-chroming bumpers and pot metal grills/trim pieces.

I'm into saving the $$$$  and spending it on GO FAST. Maybe we need to think about a supercharger! Instant go fast!!! I probably should have bought Milt's 500" Caddy engine. That was then, this is now!!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Misty Gold

Yesterday  was a very nice day, light breeze and 71 degrees at noon. It took about 3 1/2 hours to shoot the GM Gold Mist. I used 4 coats of Wandabase for coverage and then 2 coats of Southern Polyurethane's Universal clear.

For a trainee, the afternoon went better than expected. I really like the Wandabase HS, It lays down perfectly for me. Add the SPI clear and the job went very well.

I'm improving on little things, I cannot imagine painting a whole car at once!!  I think this is pretty classy for the Stude!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Shall We Continue??

"Run Hard and Put Away Wet"

That was last year, it's taking a little longer than expected but we're moving forward. Although not sure of the future of my land speed retro rod, I'm going ahead with the 63 Hawk dash. 

I've begun the finishing of the walnut after fitting the components to the dash.

The dash had a preliminary sanding of the epoxy primer yesterday, and will get two coats of building primer today.

I hope to have a finish painted unit to display next week. 

Friday, July 29, 2016


Due to a couple physician induced issues, The Stude is being placed on the back burner for a while. My buddies are going to assist me in moving it to an unused garage so they have access to the shop.

The plan is to be back on this in November.

Use great care and all available resources when selecting a physician and/or treatment program!

I'm pleased with the prepared engine compartment. Not to bad for a hobby car!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016


It was finally time to paint the inner fenders. This gets them back on the car and out of my way. It's unbelievable how many pieces are involved in reworking a vehicle.

You beat ,sand, fill, prime, sand until it has to end.... then you paint!

This will be the color of the car (Chevrolet Gold Mist) in basecoat/clearcoat. 

The fenders are epoxy primed inside and out with SPI for the main body finish program.

When you add a 63 year old fan shroud to the project, you can believe me that a few more days work are involved.

I'm pleased with the results, the SPI clear sprays very nicely. I wish I had the ability/facilities to shoot the whole car.

Why does every owner of one of these derelicts need to drill a few new holes in the car??? 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Holy Moly!!!!

My buddies seemed to think the body on the Stude was pretty nice. I wanted the inner fenders cleaned better than I was able to and the rest cleaned would be nice. There appeared to be earlier repair that should be addressed.
Nice clean fenders??? Media blast.

  How about clean fenders, no nice adjective. The sin exposed cause a bit of depression and anxiety. 

Ever seen the TV shows where they skim coat the car and then 18 guys block sand it for 20 hours (360 man hours) overnight and its ready to paint the next day???

I think these fenders were prepped by the same guys in East L.A. in 1989!!!

I have been beating the dents out and welding the holes for the past 2 weeks and am getting close to an epoxy seal coat of primer.

When I need a little stress relief, I warm up the Model A and go for a ride.

When you put the pedal 
down hard, the street rod hobby is instantly all rose 
tinted!!!!!! and the fenders are only a memory!